Permanent Staffing

Duplessis Personnel provide a major full time placement service traditionally called permanent placements.  With a database of more than 15000 candidates, recruited throughout South Africa, we render a fast response permanent staffing service, regardless of the venue.


Temp/ Contract/ Staff Hire Solution

Under this plan the candidate remains an employee of Duplessis Personnel's  brokers affiliate called At Work  for the duration of this assignment, and we take on all employer associated obligations and benefits.  The client pays one low hourly ,weekly or monthly fee.  Should they decide to offer direct employment to the candidate either during, or at the end of the contract term, the client may do so for a modest conversion fee. In the case of a Temp-worker, the client may chose to employ the person as a temp on their own payroll.


International Recruitment

Through our international division we specialize in providing permanent and contract opportunities overseas for professionals in the mining, medical and  technical professions.




We specialize in rendering an IR Service to smaller companies who employ approximately 50 employees or less.  We compile all relevant documents and guide our clients in conducting fair procedures as  prescribed by Labour Law.    We further assist them in hearing / investigation  procedures and act as chairperson to ensure objectivity and fairness.


This is where it all begins if we as employers understand the value of people in an organisation. We assist employers set up the basic framework that is needed to control, manage and evaluate performance. It is impossible if we don’t know exactly what our employees have to do. It is even scarier to think that employee's don’t know what is expected from them. With 30 years of experience in conducting above mentioned processes we help our clients to maintain the basic management tools for people management.


Let's go back to our school days. We were given a quarterly, and a final exam. The "final" was given up to half the weight in the total evaluation, but at least we were "evaluated" along the way. For the sake of both the company and the employees there is also a real need for performance evaluation or appraisals. It lends credence to the "final grade." Furthermore, the performance of the company is logically keyed to the performance of departments. We can complete this circular argument by saying that if the individual goes, so goes the department; as the department goes, so goes the company; as the company goes, so goes the individual.

Companies, rational companies, do not wait until the end of a fiscal year to see how they did. At the very least, they appraise or evaluate how they're doing  financially on a semester- or even quarterly (sometimes monthly) basis. If organisations evaluate on a more than annual basis, isn't equally logical that individual performance should also be measured. Duplessis Personnel  developed a tailor made, easy to use, highly reliable and  non-discriminating  performance evaluation system that were successfully implemented in various business sectors during the past 15 years. One of the outstanding benefits of our system is that it includes a measurement formula to accurately calculate and fairly distribute performance bonuses in organisation that rightly believe to “pay for performance”.

In fact a performance evaluation system’s purpose must be directed towards focusing on the development of employees, and therefore away from the existing perception among employees that it is a management tool to “appraise to punish”. This negative perception reflects directly towards a poor selection process. Why do we have doubts about our employee’s performance abilities? Didn't we already evaluate this factor during our selection process?  By appraising people, organisations are in the first place busy identifying development,  management and motivational needs.  For this very reason our evaluation program is called The "HOMELA PROGRAM"  which means "uplifting" or "developing".  


We don't need to over emphasize the importance of verifying the criminal and credit status of potential employees or present employees because it is general knowledge that criminal activities in our country and economy increased by unprecedented levels. No employer need to bear the risk employing such individuals.
Therefore we take the opportunity to inform you that we are fully accredited to perform Criminal  and Credit Verification/checks on any candidate you want to appoint via the AFISwitch electronic system. Results will be available within 48 hours. By appointing one of our candidates, no additional fees will be charged for these services.

Since 1 July 2011, criminal verification via name clearance checks phased out, and all future requests for Criminal Records need to be accompanied by a full set of the candidate's fingerprints via the AFISwitch System. You can still request the SAPD to do it for you, but you will probably wait at least three weeks for the results, because criminal checks for selection purposes is not the core business of the SAPD.

Note: The below fees will be applicable only if you have recruited via another channel.

Criminal Checks

How does the process works?

1.    You send the candidates to our office with their ID document (Bloemfontein based Candidates).
2.     We register the candidate on our system.
3.     We take their fingerprints via the electronic AFISwitch system.
4.     You receive the written results within 48 hours.

What will be the costs?

1.    Up to five candidates or employee's:    R140 per verification (VAT Exclusive).
2.    More that 5 candidates or employees:  R110 per verification (VAT Exclusive).

NOTE: For 5 or more candidates or employee's we will conduct the checks at your premises with no extra costs if the candidates are based in Bloemfontein.

Credit and Reference Checks

We can also perform the following verifications on your behalf.

1.    Credit Verification: (individuals):  R40  per person
2.    Reference verification: R50 per Reference per each employer (Voice Recorded on request: R80)


Our conditions of service is as follows:

Dear Client

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to introduce a candidate(s) to your organisation when ever the need may arises at your company for the recruitment of staff via our service.


  • By appointing our proposed candidate(s), you confirm acceptance of our conditions of service.


  • You can be assured that we do everything in our power to introduce the most appropriate candidate to you, but we cannot accept any loss or damage incurred through unjust conduct of the candidate.


  • The final decision of appointment rests exclusively with you.


  • May we kindly mention that you will be liable for the fee if you: (a) contract a proposed candidate’s service within the next twelve months in whichever position or relationship, or (b) introduce him/her to another client, person, firm or other personnel agency who then contracted the services of the candidate or places the candidate in whichever position or relationship.


  • The service Fee is payable by the employer and may not be recovered from the employee.


  • The fee represents a given percentage of the appointed candidate’s Annual Salary ( which includes a 13th cheque or bonus) in accordance with our fee structure below.


  • A Service Guarantee of 90 days is applicable from the date on which the candidate commence service. NB! This guarantee is however terminated if our terms of payment is not complied with.


  • A candidate who leaves your service within the guarantee period due to any reason which could have been prevented by us, will be replaced by us, or your account will be credited with 50% within the first 60 days, and 25% between 60 and 90 days of the initial fee.


  • Terms of Payment: Within 3 (three) weeks of date of invoice to uphold the guarantee.


11 % (eleven percent) of annual salary (incl. a 13th cheque or bonus) plus VAT


11 % (eleven percent) of the salary of the temporary staff member, invoiced on a monthly basis, plus VAT

Should the client decide to offer direct employment to the temporary staff member(s), either during, or at the end of the contract term, the client may do so at a release fee which will be calculated as follows: 11% of annual salary minus temporary fees already paid by the client.


Under this plan the candidate remains an employee of Duplessis Personnel's brokers affiliate called At Work for the duration of this assignment, and we take on all employer associated obligations and benefits. The client pays a monthly fee according to a quote that will be calculated based on the salary budget of the client for the spesific roll.

Should the client decide to offer direct employment to the hired staff member(s), either during, or at the end of the contract term, the client may do so at a release fee which will be calculated as follows: 11% of annual salary minus hire fees already paid by the client.